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Contact Information

Contact Information

Our different team members' contacts.

Robotics Lead

Alex Stephenson

Job Title: Team Lead

Email: alex.stephenson@sabercatrobotics.com

Head of Robot

Gian Raboin

Job Title: Head of Robot

Email: giavanna.raboin@sabercatrobotics.com


Korbin Gugisberg

Job Title: Head of Business

Email: korbin.gugisberg@sabercatrobotics.com

Layla Falcon

Job Title: Audio Visual

Email: layla.falcon@sabercatrobotics.com

Delia Riley

Job Title: Member of Business

Email: delia.riley@sabercatrobotics.com

Leo Russo

Job Title: Member of Business

Email: leo.russo@sabercatrobotics.com


Ryder Horne

Job Title: Website Developer and Designer

Email: ryder.horne@sabercatrobotics.com


Nikhil Sethi

Job Title: Floater

Email: nikhil.sethi@sabercatrobotics.com